Chariot Travel

Chariot Travelware is already a recognized company in the luggage industry. Chariot Travelware was founded by Moon Woo in 2011, who came from Ameritime Corp/sub of TIMEX CORPORTATION as a President prior to launching several brands.

Chariot Travelware specializes in distributing quality, affordable luggage worldwide. We also provide OEM manufacturing. Since 1995, the company has been manufacturing hard and soft case luggage in its factory in Northern China and other countries.

In 2011, Chariot Travelware opened its headquarters along with three warehouses equaling 120,000 SQ in Ontario, California. The company offers a unique style combined with durability, so you travel fashionably. Chariot Travelware understands the value of a customer and what they want. We will ensure superior customer service to cater to a customer's every need.

If you own a Chariot, you know you're traveling in style.



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