Dog Helios Neo-Indestructible Easy-Tension Sporty Embroidered Thick Durable Pet Dog Leash And Collar

  • $26.99

The Dog Helios Neo-Indestructible Easy-Tension Sporty Leash And Collar is composed of Tough Grade Nylon and Neoprene. Features dual reinforced stitching at every seam for added toughness and durability. Features a Neoprene band for a semi-tough pull with ribbed stitching for added easy tension with a loop by the swivel hook for a tougher closer tug when needed. Great for training and when running or jogging. The handle is inner lined with polar fleece for added handle comfort. Connect this to the included collar or any collar or harness for easy tension and less stress by either the neck or body area. The embossed hook swivels for multi-directional pull. The included matching collar is adjustable and opens and closes with a buckle. Get Outdoors with Dog Helios! Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes.

LEASH: LENGTH: 48-54 inches , THICKNESS: 0.55 inches
COLLAR: LENGTH: 11-14.2 inches, THICKNESS: 0.55 inches

LEASH: 48-54 inches, THICKNESS: 0.76 inches
COLLAR: 14.2-19.25 inches, THICKNESS: 0.76 inches

LEASH: 48-54 inches, THICKNESS: 1 inch
COLLAR: 17.8-25.25 inches, THICKNESS: 1 inch