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Pet Life ® Luxe 'Gold-Wagger' Gold-Leaf Designer Fur Dog Jacket Coat

  • $23.99

The Pet Life ?? LUXE 'Gold Wagger' Gold-Leaf Designer Fur Dog Coat features an Extravagant Gold Leaf Pattern along the back side embedded on an Buttery-Soft Faux-Fur solid Grey exo-shell and the Reverse is lined with Sherpa for added comfortability and warmth that gently hugs the body. Features Sponged sided lining for superior craftsmanship and durability by the sleeve areas with an Accented Trendy Faux-Fur Collar. Features Tough-Grade Velcro Belly Enclosures for convenient on and off access and a leash slit below the Neck line. This jacket is part of our Pet Life ?? Luxury collection. Available in Multiple Sizes.

SIZING SPECIFICATIONS: In (Inches) "Back" Length is from Neck to Tail: * See image chart for sizing approximation.
EXTRA SMALL: Back: 9.1" Chest: 17.3" Neck: 12.2"
SMALL: Back: 11" Chest: 21.3" Neck: 13.8"
MEDIUM: Back: 13.8" Chest: 24.4" Neck: 15"
LARGE: Back: 18.1" Chest: 29.9" Neck: 16.9"
EXTRA LARGE: Back: 22.8" Chest: 35.4" Neck: 18.9"