Touchdog ® 2-In-1 Windowpane Plaided Dog Jacket With Matching Reversible Dog Mat

  • $51.99

The Touchdog 2-in-1 Windowpane Plaided Dog Jacket with Matching Reversible Dog Mat features a matching Slate Gray, Aqua, Green and Beige heathered or m??lange windowpane plaided wool treated Exo-shell pattern composed of specially formulated blended exo-shell that is Breathable and slightly Flexible. The Dog Jacket features dual Heavy-Duty belly Velcro straps below the neck and around the waist and specially inner-lined with Diamond-Stitched High-Grade Polyester with dual expandable leg straps for added stability and a leash slit along the back-side. The Pet Bed is Reversed with a warm and comfortable Soft-to-the-touch Royal blue Sherpa-like treated blended cotton that gently hugs the body. The Pet Mat also features dual straps that wrap around and tie when rolled up. The is sold as a 2-piece matching set. The Dog Mat Dimensions vary based off of the Jacket sizing, read below for sizing. Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes.

SIZING SPECIFICATIONS: In (Inches) "Back" Length is from Neck to Tail: * See image chart for sizing approximation
EXTRA SMALL: JACKET: Back: 8.3" Chest: 17.7" Neck: 12.2" BED: 31.5" x 21.7"
SMALL: JACKET: Back: 11.8" Chest: 21.7" Neck: 13.8" BED: 39.4" x 25.6"
MEDIUM: JACKET: Back: 15" Chest: 24.4" Neck: 15.7" BED: 39.4" x 25.6"
LARGE: JACKET: Back: 18.9" Chest: 29.9" Neck: 16.9" BED: 47.3" x 29.5"
EXTRA LARGE: JACKET: Back: 22.8" Chest: 34.6" Neck: 18.9" BED: 47.3" - 29.5"